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I’m not crying, there’s just daddy batch in my eyes.




When you quote a fictional character around a friend or family member and they don’t notice



when you quote a fictional character around a stranger or new friend and they notice



Emma Stone calling Andrew out some sexism- Right on!

Marvel Sequels: No One Ever Gets a Haircut

Merthur Fics

Some of my faves from around the web. If you have any I should read that aren’t on here pleeeeeaaase comment. I love finding new ones!

Short fics:

Spartacus and the Open Taxi Door- Modern Merlin AU with Merlin working at a coffee shop and being generally oblivious to Arthur’s advances (~9000 words)

The Nurse’s Visitor- Modern Merlin AU that features Merlin as a nurse and Arthur as the son of a wealthy benefactor who stops by to spend time with sick children for the publicity. (~9000 words)

For A While- Modern Merlin AU in which Merlin needs a pretend boyfriend for his mother’s wedding, and enlists Arthur to help him out. (~9000 words)

It Only Took Three Years and a Dare- Modern Merlin AU in which a jealous Arthur pulls Merlin away from a game of Truth or Dare before it gets too heated. (~4600 words)

Northern Exposure- Modern Merlin AU in which Merlin goes on exchange to Finland, meets fellow exchange student Arthur, they get off to a rocky start, and become roommates. Features an oblivious Merlin and Arthur trying SO HARD (~9000 words)

A little longer:

Possibly Maybe I’m Falling For You- Modern Merlin AU where Arthur and Merlin work in a coffee shop in which Merlin is delightfully nerdy but oblivious again (~14000 words)

For Your Information- Modern Merlin AU where a confused Uther comes to Merlin for advice after his son announces he’s gay. Features matchmaker!Uther (~10000 words)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Something- Modern Merlin AU with Merlin working as a baker and Arthur being adorably flustered by him (~14000 words)


A Modern Manservant- Modern Merlin AU where Arthur is the editor-in-chief of Camelot Magazine and Merlin is his newly-hired personal assistant. *The characterization is so good in this, I could picture is perfectly in my head. Sometimes I even confuse this with being canon. 100% recommend* (~113000 words)


Top Gear travel tips.


For our own good pleasure obviously

Damn straight


All new episodes start tonght! Don’t stop us now!




LOL… I know he’s awkward and wants to be a gentlemen and all that…

BUT this is freaking hilarious. perfect gif use is perfect.

I know my kingdom awaits
And they've forgiven my mistakes


Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart playing the Newly Wed Game 


Wolverine The Musical - Hugh Jackman

Who am I?
Am I a superhero with some claws
or just an actor searching for applause?
Wolverine has all the fans
but what about me, Hugh Jackman?

Who am I?
I played the wolfman, yes it’s quite the task
and X-Men: Days of Future Past
I’m at the gym doing weight each day
You have got to look buff these days

Must I lie?
I cannot eat these ice-cream anymore
I need a body people can adore
I gave up junk food and I know
I made that bargain long ago… 

And all my snacks and crisp, they’re gone!
And now this Wolverine can go on..
Who am I?
Who am I?

I’m Wolverine.





Movie Six: Harry Potter and the year of awkward flirting

Harry Potter and the year of secondhand embarrassment

Harry Potter and teenage boys with the collective subtlety of a piledriver

Harry Potter and I swear I’m not stoned


this was my favorite. how she pulled away checking for a reaction and he’s like HOT DAMN DON’T STOP